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Commercial Loan Request

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About the Property

Property Type:	  

Property Address:       

State                                   Zip:

Loan Reason:	 Purchase 	Refinance  

Purchase Price or Loan Amount:$	

Estimated Value of Property:      $ 

Year Property Built:                      		 

Number of Stories:                        

For Multi-Family

Total Units:	           

Unit Mix:		           

Gross Scheduled Income:$ 

Operating Expenses:        $ 

For Commercial Properties


Square Footage:	          	 Triple Net:   Yes  No  

Gross Scheduled Income:$ 

Operating Expenses:        $ 

Any known Environmental Issues:    Yes   No  

If yes, please give brief details:   

About the Person Submitting Request


Owner   Broker   Buyer 

State                                  Zip:



If Refinancing

Loan Amount Requested:  $ 

Existing Loan Balance:     $ 

Existing Interest Rate:         % 

Existing Loan Due Date:      

Value of Property:             $ 

Value Based On:	       Appraisal Dated:	Owner's Estimate:  
Additional Comments: 

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