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Fannie Mae's Home Page  Their goal is to help more families achieve the American dream of homeownership
Freddie Mac's Home Page  They open doors to the places millions of Americans call home
Government National Mortgage Association  Ginnie Mae- A reliable and timely information and communications resource for homebuyers, mortgage finance industry participants, and securities investors who rely on Ginnie Mae’s services

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD Home Page



Mortgage Info

AllRegs A comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date database of residential mortgage lending guidelines

BOND/STOCK MARKET UPDATE Updated daily for news and info

Cooperative Mortgage Information  C.M.I. provides financial rate information, charts & graphs to more than 100 newspapers throughout the United States
FDIC  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

The HUD Home Buying Guide

Mortgage Magazine

Mortgage Market Information Services, Inc.  A Clearinghouse of Mortgage Information on the Web
Today's Mortgage Information from hsh Associates  The world's leading publisher of mortgage and consumer loan information




Non Profit Foundations

Fannie Mae Foundation Transforms communities through partnerships and initiatives that revitalize neighborhoods and create affordable homeownership and housing opportunities across America



Credit Related


Merged Report Get your own copy of your credit reports from Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax

Equifax Inc.   Equifax is a worldwide leader in shaping global commerce
Experian Credit and Real Estate Information  The world's leading provider of information solutions to businesses and consumers
Trans Union A leading provider of Information and Services




Small Business



ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE "The Small Business Authority" Find all on-line editions.

ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE "The Small Business Authority" Find all on-line editions.  From Entrepreneur Magazine, tailored to entrepreneurs who want an easy way to access websites on all business topics and the latest trends in Finance.

THE BUSINESS START PAGE    Business users start every day here to conduct business on the Internet. It is a "Virtual Desk"-a Daily Starting Point for Business.

FAST COMPANY    Serves as a handbook for the business revolution: A "manifesto" for change, and a manual for achieving it. Both a resource and a mentor, dedicated to improving and innovating work







BUSINESS FINANCE MAGAZINE  A comprehensive resource for finance and accounting professionals concerned with career growth and leading-edge technology implementation.

MONEY TALKS An award winning free e-zine designed to help individual investors make better decisions.

WALL STREET CITY "The Investor's Supersite" Offers a comprehensive financial resource for investors.