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Is Now a Good Time to Refinance?    

Enter the information in the table below to analyze your own specific refinance scenario to help you determine if now is a good time to refinance your existing mortgage.

Existing Loan
Original term of your loan:
Your original loan amount: $
Your current loan balance: $
How long you have had this loan: yrs. mos.
Your current interest rate: %
New Loan
Your new loan amount: $
Your new mortgage term:
Your new interest rate: %
Your estimated closing costs: %
How long you plan to stay in your home after refinancing: years
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I. Payment Analysis
Existing Loan Payment Amount:* $
New Loan Payment Amount:*$
Savings/Loss from difference in monthly payments: $
Amount saved over years due to decreased payment amount: $
*Monthly payment amount includes principal and interest only.
Monthly taxes and insurance are not included.

II. Reduction of Loan Principal Analysis
Principal reduction of existing loan after years if you DO NOT refinance: $
Principal reduction of new loan after years if you DO refinance: $
Savings/Loss from difference in the principal reduction after years: $

III. Estimated Cost to Refinance:
(Closing costs including discount points)

IV. Total Savings/Loss With This Refinance Scenario:
(I + II minus III)
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